Truck Simulator PRO 2 App Reviews

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Awesome game

This game is awesome definitely a 5 star but just one thing I wish the trucks had a cruise control Hope this gets added Thanks 👍🏻


Very good game

Great game

Please make the CC button More accessible it’s hard to engage without going all over the road and the gps is way to big other than that this game is great thanks

Fix your bugs

As said in previous review give more room etc. above all. Please fix the controls bug. Getting really irritating when the controls don’t recognize my finger touch. No it’s not the phone. Would be highly appreciative if your fix these bugs

Don’t buy

It’s so hard to play and you can switch the controls

Add a Jake break

In a future update I would appreciate it if you could add a Jake break and add different engine sounds for different trucks and add actual real life trucks engines like a Cummins or a Detroit Diesel and also add more trucks and also have the ability to get out of the truck and walk around


Please add a rpm gauge


The trucks need to have more detail, there needs to be traffic stops, cop trucks (idek Xd) 🤖I kinda think i wasted my money.


They should really add a engine break for the hills and the dash should work to bit it doesn't really wish the brake and gas pedal did not take time to grab like when im driving and i press the brakes they don’t grab and i crash the time should be way more to deliver the load and they should give a wider turn when you have a long wide load it always gets damaged they should a engine brake to because it would be nice and it would be useful the weather should be realistic it rains only for like 2 minutes then it stops but still a great game

I was excited....

I was excited to purchase this game but the game shows white spots all the time. As if it’s loading something. Please fix the map so I can see where im headed without having to switch the camera view like the view of the inside of the truck or the outside.


Need weight stations, big map with more states like New Jersey, New York I mean east side of u.s.a , more trucks in traffic


Do not buy trust me!


I like the game but the timing is it’s not realistic


I love the game the time limit is just wayyyy to short


WE NEED UPDATES. ID LIKE TO ADD STUFF TO MY TRUCK. I’d like real accident police activity. When I drive only one of my windshield wipers work. Trucks need to be cheaper. Emergency vehicles. Take away some tolls. Too many. More weather changes. A map to tell us where we are not a gps.

Semi trucks

How do you get out of the trucks

Great game

I love the game but please make the roads a little bigger and maybe the traffic understand WIDE TURNS thanks

Need some work on the handling

Don’t handle good but everything els is ok

Needs a fine tuning

Game is fine,but graphics needs to improve. There are black flashes that appear on the road while driving with cabin view. Suddenly crashes while passing trough high pass (bridge) or picking a new cargo truck doesn’t lock the container

Do not buy!

Steering is to sensitive even on the lowest setting and cars spin you out, I guess 3000lb cars can spin out 7 tin trucks carrying 12 steel pipes.

Please read

I love this game but it need something’s. You guys need a weight station more trailers on the road if you can ai refeling there trucks or sleeping (if you can) also they only way you crash in the game is when you lag also please add more time it’s only 9 mins to 12 mins and some people want to actually rp it like go the right speed the lights not rush to it also please add multiplayer I will rate it a 5 Star if you do. For now I will rated a 4 Star I really love this game. Please read it -Thank you

It needs work

What it needs: More road signs even State signs, Weigh Stations, More Destinations/States/Cities, Make the Cities bigger. What it doesn’t need: Lags, Roads that look like Russia.

Love it!!!!!

A awesome game I just wish that the blinker buttons was a little big and we can play music.


It's cool but my only problem is when you're in the truck the dashboard glitches and sometimes the road does too and also it would be great to add a world map


Love the game!! One thing. We should have break damage and Jake breaks! And we should have multiplayer! Plus we should add the speed limit to the map. And actually add oversized load trucks and jobs.


BIGGER CONTROL Options. I need bigger controls whenever i go turn i often hit the wrong button and on highway i will crash

Good game

Good game I spent $20 on diamonds and can’t get my money back cause I deleted it then reinstalled the game can I have my money in diamonds good game

Love this game

This game is great. I think there should be some load updates. Like adding Oversized Loads. There should be more room to get the trucks out of the yard. There should be weigh stations. Other than that the game is great.

No good

Waste of money throttle won’t work have the the time I kept wanting to break my phone I spent 4.99 then deleted the game

Worth the price

This game is really great, but I wish there were more cars driving around.


Looking for more updates. I like the game. Need more trucks and more accessories, add more lights, and lights that work, bumpers, big straight stacks, big drop visors, paintable fenders, able to lower trucks, more stuff to put on trucks. Driver should turn head when turn left or right. Would like to see the trucks sound more realistic they sound like a tractor. Add engine upgrades.


So much fun no ads really cool game

Pls update

Co-op mode or mutiplay mode


Please make graphics better but make a dump truck do you load it you with a cat front end loader then you deliver the soil or gravel to a job site PLEASE FIX GRAPHICS AND ADD WHAT I HAVE SAID IT WOULD MAKE IT BETTER good game

New trucks and trailers

You should add a new truck called rocker smooth 2.It should have extra wheels in the front and back. Upgrades So you should extend the length of the roof sleeper lights and make them more realistic.And make the time of the haul off because when I’m on a quick haul I’m losing time even when I skip red lights and the time keeps running out even when I have the fastest truck in the game. New Trailers You should make trailers more realistic.Also make a new trailer that has two trailers and you can make your own trailer in main menu for your own account for all the ones you have.And add detail to the grizzly power.Also a reminder to PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PlEASE just make a trailer extend to when you choose your ride PLeASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let us choose how many trailers we want to choose to haul for extra money.And make level up gems 20 gems and make stuff more cheap.


Very fun game that’s easy to get addicted to. Very realistic graphics and easy to play.

Really good game

I love playing this game but there are a few things that bother me for example that the dashboard doesn’t work, sometimes when I turn my lights on it glitches which is really annoying, I don’t know if this breaks have a name but you guys need to add motor brakes, another thing is that the breaks are REALLY GOOD which in real life that doesn’t exist. I can go up to 60mph and stop almost at the light I mean come on you gotta fix that, add more traffic there are like 3 cars going through the streets, also add more trucks driving around. What bothers me MORE is that there are NO TRUCK SOUNDS at all not even when you turn on the blinker we paid $5 for this and not even actual truck sounds, please I really hope you guys fix all of these issues because from the comments I’m reading now everyone is having the same issues. WHEN ARE YOU FIXING THIS GAME?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Needs a major update

Add some engine choices (Detroit Diesel, Paccar, Caterpillar, and Cummins). The add on mirrors need to work because there’s no point to have them. Add different painting options for the snorkel and diesel tank straps. Add different exhaust options. add all the states in then USA and Winnipeg and Vancouver. Add more trucks new and old like the ford L9000, Mack RS700, GMC five star general, Chevy bison, and Brockway. And lastly add scales and have the cops be able to conduct a realistic traffic stop and walk up to the cab and ask for license and registration and give you a ticket.


You should make it so you can get loans. You should make it so you have a engine brake, and you should make it you get to pick a truck and buy trucks at what ever level


Need to be able to sell trucks. Need more accessories and color patterns. Need fuel in gallons. Buttons need to be a little bigger on screen. Maybe add a radio or CB noise.

This game is terrible

No way near worth the $4.99 I paid for this garbage can of a game. Slow, laggy and in game purchase. The recipe for disaster.


You need to add more types of trucks of oversized load trailers Like day cabs and needs some better graphics as well

We need updates

If you could update the map to give us a long haul to like New York. Florida. Memphis. More big named cities would be nice. I would like to see a co op option so you could play with friends in a local option or connect worldwide with others. Also the bridge in San Fran under the highway is buggy. But all aria great game. Just would like to see more done


Where's the engine brake on the trucks. Why is the truck so slow and doesn’t have any power going over the hills

Look for another game

This game id say is worth 99¢. Not the $5 I paid. Updates are lazy, braking is in realistic, no j-brakes, trucks accelerate unnaturally slow, and no speed li It signs. Not worth $5.

can't play it

When I open the game, it crashes

More updates.

We need more trucks like for example kenwprth w900 freightliner classic xl we need weight stations, real time and working dashboard.

Not happy

Spent $5 and very disappointed. Played free games way better. Controls are too small. And steering takes forever to kick in. While driving barley steer and it fishtails. Needs to be fixed. Not recommended.


I will say, the detail and the trucks are awesome, but I hate that they are locked until u reach a certain level, that is dumb. There is also NO MULTIPLAYER, I would expect for $4 it have it but no, I could go play Truck Simulator USA (free) and be just as good, even better then this game. I am disappointed

Way to expensive for a game with so many bugs

$5 dollars is way to expensive for a game that crashes before I even have an opportunity to do anything. If you are going to charge that much, make it a game worth buying, not one that people regret.

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